NALC Larger Councils Conference: Making Local Economic Growth Work

Wednesday 13 December 2017



NALC’s Making Local Economic Growth Work conference and exhibition is an essential event for councillors, council officers (including clerks, responsible financial officers, town centre managers and events and public relations officers), and county association members to join with other parts of the public sector (including the government and principal authorities), the private sector and the voluntary sector to discuss the key policy issues around local economic development and growth. If your council represents 6000 or more residents you will definitely want to attend, and if you’re getting close to this size, you should begin thinking about the issues to be discussed at this conference.

The important themes for this one-day event will centre on local economic development, community led housing and planning, accessing funds and grants and the well being of communities.

The conference focuses on what local councils can do to create dynamic environments that encourage local economic growth to thrive and succeed. You will learn how to be ‘place shapers’ bringing the private, voluntary and public sectors together to bring about positive economic change for local people.

Simply put, this event is too important to miss if you want influence and be kept informed about all that is happening in our sector.


Coram Street

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