NALC is led by councillors appointed by county associations to its National Assembly. National Assembly elects the NALC chair, vice-chairs (finance and member service), and committee members. These elections are held every two years, and this round will begin on 23 August 2023.

There are opportunities for councillors and clerks not on the National Assembly to stand for the direct elections on the Larger Councils Committee and Smaller Councils Committee. 

NALC's governance election process aim is to adopt democratic representation and efficient decision-making, enabling NALC to effectively pursue its strategic objectives and deliver valuable services to members and stakeholders.

National Assembly members, through these elections, will select individuals to serve on the committees. NALC collaborates with UK Engage to facilitate a smoother and more efficient election process.


23 August 2023 — Nominations open
25 October 2023 — Nominations close
26 October 2023 to 31 October 2023 — Check for eligibility
1 November 2023 — Voting opens
15 November 2023 — Voting closes
15 November 2023 — Amend ballot papers
15 November 2023 — Voting reopens
22 November 2023 — Voting closes
29 November 2023 — Election results announced

Committee elections

Direct elections

Councillors and clerks who are not National Assembly members can participate in NALC committees. 


Constitution — The constitution outlines the basic principles, structure, and functions of NALC’s governance.

Committee structure — NALC's governance structure for its committees.

Role profiles — Member role profiles refer to committee members' specific roles or responsibilities. These profiles outline the tasks, duties, expectations, and qualifications. 

Terms of Reference  — Outlines a committee's scope, purpose, objectives, and responsibilities. These terms provide a clear framework for the committee's work and help ensure its members align on their goals and expected outcomes.

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