Health and wellbeing is an important part of everyday life. It is integral to leading a happy and healthy lifestyle. As the first tier of local government and the closest port of call for residents’ local (parish and town) councils can play a huge role in ensuring that our communities are stronger, healthier and thriving places to live. 

Local councils, by providing information, services and access, can help improve the lives of millions of people. Health and wellbeing are personal and different for each individual, by highlighting the effect of hidden disabilities and the roles that local councils can play; NALC hopes to increase awareness and bring about positive change for local communities. 

Duncan Selbie, chief executive of Public Health England told NALC: “What is clear is that local councils are indispensable to the solutions around keeping people in good health.”


Below are some resources and information around health and wellbeing. This guide is split into themes around health and wellbeing and highlights excellent examples from local councils. 

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