Do you need statistics about your parish?

NALC have been lobbying the Government to undertake more research and analysis of the parish sector for everyone to get better understanding of these communities and neighbourhoods.

In light of this, the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the UK's largest independent producer of official statistics, is undertaking a review of some civil parishes.

It conducts the census in England and Wales every 10 years. Following the 2011 Census, around 10% of Civil Parishes in England had a population too small to be allocated a population estimate. In these instances, statistics were not released for these civil parishes. ONS provided 2011 Census population estimates (number of households, males and females only) at the postcode level.

The ONS recognises the importance of producing statistics for parishes. They have subsequently undertaken research to identify a solution where statistical data could be published for the majority of parishes.

They want to share the findings of this research with you and understand your requirements for statistics at the civil parish level. You can do so by reading about our research and completing their questionnaire.

You can respond using the online survey: or submit a MS Word version via email to or by post to:

ONS Geography Customer Services 
Office for National Statistics 
Segensworth Road 
PO15 5RR

The Review is now open and will close on 7th March 2016. They will publish an initial summary of our findings within 12 weeks of the Review closing date. Your response will be treated in accordance with their privacy policy. If you have any queries about the Review please email or ring 01329 444971.

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