Council of the Week: Antrobus Parish Council

Council of the Week: Antrobus Parish Council

This week’s Council of the Week was the 500th Parish Council to register under the new Local council Award Scheme.

Antrobus is situated in north Cheshire, midway between Warrington to the North and Northwich to the south.  The parish council was recently awarded Foundation status under our Local Council Award Scheme and we are pleased to also be celebrating its work and achievements by making it Council of the Week.

Antrobus is a large widespread rural parish with 33 roads and lanes that extend for some 36 miles criss-crossing an area of 4,145 acres of fertile agricultural land. There are 300 households and 630 electors and we commend the council for its role in the village evolving from a community of farming families, to become a mixed community, who enjoy living in the countryside.  When the council was formed in 1936, Councillors were all male farmers, but over time, progress has been made in representation and they now have a more eclectic mix.

The village and council centre around a primary school, large village hall, church, volunteer run Post Office and Shop, chapel, meeting House, pub and a golf course!

Like Bembridge, last week’s Council of the Week, the community spirit built by the council and local residents is one of the best aspects of living in Antrobus.

Simon Palmer, Clerk of the Council said: “The community spirit just seems to grow each year, as you can see by looking at our monthly newsletter, which is hand delivered to every household.  This year, we have the Rose Queen Fete, events in the village hall all year round and massive support for fund raising for the church roof restoration. We are proud to frequently win community pride awards.”

Antrobus has a non-political Parish Council with nine Councillors. It achieved Quality Status under the previous Quality Council Scheme and now has Foundation status under the Local Council Award Scheme. 

The council is a great ‘all-rounder’, with fantastic management of its regular business – with things like highway matters. For example, the council has driven the borough council to complete remedial action to deal with issues around flooding and road surfaces, which have caused significant problems in the past.  Speed limit reductions have also been achieved in some locations with more to follow.

Antrobus Parish Council also lobbies the council (e.g. FOR super-fast fibre-optic broadband but AGAINST roads being frequently used for running or cycling races and AGAINST wind turbines and intrusive planning applications).

Finally, the council also initiates and supports projects in the village – projects that build community spirit and make the village the place that it is. For example it runs a playground that was installed at the turn of the millennium, provides funding for things such as a community kitchen garden and for The Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. A defibrillator was installed last year and the newest project is exploring an extension to the playground.

Congratulations to Antrobus Parish Council for being at the centre of village life and for its ongoing support and development of its vibrant community.

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