The Civility and Respect Project releases a new recruitment guide


The Civility and Respect Project team has worked with county associations to produce this comprehensive recruitment guide approved for use by the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) and the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC).

One key area that challenges relationships between councillors and clerks is the local (parish and town) council's responsibility as an employer for the clerk. Local councils that support and value their staff can better deliver their objectives and adapt to changing needs or priorities. Whether the local council employs a single staff member for a few hours a week or a large and varied team of individuals, good recruitment practices are the key to fostering good relationships.

The recruitment process for any post, particularly the most senior job(s) in your organisation, is one of the most critical investments your local council will make. The process has legal requirements and key challenges in choosing the right person. Everyone involved in staff recruitment must have access to a planned and structured process and understand the key issues and best techniques. This guide has been developed to assist local councils through the stages of a successful recruitment campaign.

To access the resource, please click the link, which will take you to development tools in the member's area.

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