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Author: Eleanor Greene, Secretary to the Internal Audit Forum

Councils can be members of their county association and, thus, the National Association of Local Councils (NALC). This gives them access to resource materials, training, and support. Clerks and officers can be members of the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC), giving them access to resource materials, training, and support. Internal auditors can be members of the Internal Audit Forum (IAF).

Now, the IAF is working with NALC, county associations, and the SLCC to provide resources and support for internal auditors and hopes to enable more internal auditors to join the sector. This will give councils more options on their choice of Internal Auditor each year and help drive up standards across the sector.

The IAF is not a professional body, we have neither the legal remit nor the capacity, but we are developing a library of resource materials to allow IAs up and down the land to better advise councils about good governance.

Within our website, there is a discussion area available to auditors where we can swap ideas and queries and support those new to the sector.

The company is growing and changing rapidly as we widen our reach and ensure that our membership offering meets users' needs. Auditors who want to get involved are always welcome, as are new ideas and feedback. 

For those auditors looking to widen their portfolio or for those councils seeking an internal auditor, we have a directory that can be searched by region of auditors that covers most of England.

To find out more, please contact the forum chair, Tim Light or myself.

And even now, we have still not found the collective noun for parish internal auditors.

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