Frome Town Council secures EU funding

Frome Town Council secures EU funding

Frome Town Council and the Frome Twinning Association have received £26,000 funding from the EU to host a renewable energy conference in March 2016. The funding stream is part of a new approach to Twinning and aims to bring together experts and decision-makers from Frome, and its three twin towns in France, Germany and Poland, to share knowledge and best practice.

Cllr Pippa Goldfinger said, "We submitted a proposal for a renewable energy conference over 18 months ago, drawing on local expertise but also aiming to find out about how our continental counterparts approach this field.

"We have great examples of renewable energy and energy efficiency in and around Frome but can learn a lot from the German model of finance and the French approach to planning as well as the technical detail of energy production."

The conference will include events for local tradespeople and professionals aiming to develop their skills and there will also be a strong educational thread with links to Frome College and other Frome schools.

"This approach to Twinning is creative and constructive and builds on, what was simply civic ceremony, with a practical exchange of ideas and information that will be useful to all participating towns".

Anna Francis, Frome Town Council's Energy and Recycling Officer said, "The conference will be a fantastic way for anyone in Frome to find out how to reduce energy costs and emissions and to help us plan our transition to a low carbon community. As well as exploring town-wide strategies, we will be offering practical sessions on how to make your home warmer and greener.

"Learning from what other towns have been doing abroad is an amazing opportunity – all the benefits of travel without the air-miles! We are also planning other activities such as Frome's Open Homes on the same weekend so there will be an exciting array of practical workshops, projects and homes to visit."


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