Local councils included in the prime minister's £1 billion long-term plan for towns


The government has unveiled 55 towns that will benefit from a £1.1 billion levelling up investment as part of a long-term plan for towns that provide long-term investment in towns that have been overlooked and taken for granted.

Towns are allowed to develop a long-term plan supported by a Towns Board, including six in the North East, 10 in the North West, and four in the West Midlands. In total, 55 towns will benefit from the UK-wide approach.

Town Boards will drive the priorities for investment, convene powers and responsibilities for making change, and steer the long-term vision for their town hand-in-hand with local people. The boards will comprise a group of local organisations, including local (parish and town councils).

Once established, the Town Boards will be responsible for identifying the issues and priorities, working with the local authority to develop the plan, identifying opportunities for board members to utilise specific powers, identifying opportunities to bring in additional philanthropic or private investment, and overseeing the delivery of projects set out in the plan.

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has long pushed the government to include local councils in funding opportunities explicitly. Those concerns have been heard, and the government has ensured local councils are involved in this fund.

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