Cramlington Town Council wins esteemed award at the Local Government Chronicle Awards 


Cramlington Town Council was awarded the esteemed Community Involvement Award at the Local Government Chronicle (LGC) Awards on 12 June 2024.

Outshining its competitors, including nine borough, city, county, and district councils, the Northumberland-based council secured the esteemed award for its innovative and creative approach to community service, proving that dedication and ingenuity can surpass sheer size and resources.

Cramlington Town Council's exceptional community engagement initiatives were highlighted in its award-winning submission, 'Community at Heart '. This comprehensive project showcased a range of impactful initiatives, including the establishment of Community Led Hubs, the Cramlington Heritage Hub, a Community Allotment, a Neurodiversity Network, a Wildspaces Hub, and an Anti-Social Behaviour Partnership, all of which have significantly contributed to the community's well-being.

Commenting on the achievement, NALC chair, Cllr Keith Stevens, said, "Congratulations to Cramlington Town Council on winning the Community Involvement Award at the Local Government Chronicle Awards! Your remarkable dedication to engaging and empowering your community is truly commendable. The achievement highlights the significant impact of your efforts in fostering community collaboration and addressing community needs. Well done, Cramlington Town Council – a shining example for all in local governance."

The LGC Awards is an annual event that celebrates excellence within the public sector and recognises the achievements and innovations of councils and public service organisations. It showcases best practices and contributions to local governance.

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