NALC advocates for diversity at Lawyers in Local Government Work Experience Week


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) attended the Lawyers in Local Government (LLG) Work Experience Week 2024 event on 5 July 2024. The event brings together students and local authorities to shape the legal profession's future.

NALC emphasised the critical need for increasing diversity within the local (parish and town) council sector, highlighting several initiatives it aims to foster a more inclusive environment. Among these were NALC's national networks and Make A Change campaign, designed to encourage participation from underrepresented groups in local government. This is a call to action for all of us to promote diversity in our local councils.

NALC addressed the existing barriers to achieving improved diversity. A significant obstacle she identified was the current restriction on councils' ability to hold remote meetings.

NALC's legal manager, Jane Moore, spoke as part of a panel that featured representatives from the Association of Democratic Services Officers and the LLG.

The LLG Work Experience Week continues to serve as a crucial opportunity for law students to engage with professionals and gain valuable insights into the workings of local government.

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