Media Watch | 41

Media Watch | 41

Media Watch is a weekly round-up of the latest major stories on the local (parish and town) council sector.

  1. NALC is one of the 47 organisations supporting The Woodland Trust’s call for a Charter for Trees and Woodlands (via The Guardian and Express)

  2. Cornwall’s parishes looking to increase their precepts (via BBC)

  3. More support for the NALC campain on scrapping business rates on public conveniences owned and run by local councils (via The West Morland Gazette)

  4. NALC’s Star Councils Award winner, Oswestry Town Council, garners more praise for its CCTV operations (via Shropshire Star and Border Counties Advertizer)

  5. A new parish council is on its way in Yorkshire (via Yorkshire Post)

  6. An obituary of the former county officer for the Norfolk Association (via The Guardian)

  7. Academic Professor Colin Copus has launched a Councillor Commision with the aim of finding a voice for those at the forefront of local decision-making reported on the discussions where Charlotte Eisenhart, NALC’s Improvement and Development manager was on the round table panel (via The MJ)

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