Media Watch | 45

Media Watch is a weekly round-up of the latest major stories on the local (parish and town) council sector.


  1. Local economic development: As part of their coverage on Sunday 20th March, Sky News explored the campaigns from groups across the country that want to keep local public toilets open, after many have been shut down due to budget cuts. They interviewed Jonathan Owen, chief executive of NALC on this

  2. NALC reacts to Budget 2016: NALC says that the Budget fails to recognise that devolution should not just be about devo deals with combined principal authorities but must look at onward devolution which involves communities and local (parish and town) councils (via Local Government Executive and The Guardian)

  3. The number of community rights users hits a landmark (via GOV)

  4. Unfair planning system needs re-balancing, say parish councils and NALC (via Kent Online)

  5. Create a council campaign which includes an interview with Justin Griggs, NALC’s head of policy and development (via Talk Radio Europe)

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NALC’s response to Budget 2016