Media Watch | 50

Media Watch | 50

Media Watch is a weekly round-up of the latest major stories on the local (parish and town) council sector.


  1. Local councils are at the very heart of the community, giving neighbourhoods a voice & helping people feel more involved in the decisions that affect them. NALC are supporting community bodies or groups through their Create A Council Campaign - find out about the support available to help you set one up (via My Community)

  2. NALC’s head of policy and development makes the case for more research and analysis of local councils and uses the results from recently created councils to higlight the advantages of doing this (via Local Government Chronicle Plus)

  3. Are devolution deals best suited to cities and urban areas? But what about rural areas? (via The Guardian)

  4. NALC’s chief executive, Jonathan Owen wrote a letter for 9 June 2016 edition of The MJ to stress the importance of parishes and communities in devolution discussions: “Devo get parish push” (via The MJ)

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