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Media Watch | 52

Media Watch | 52

Media Watch is a weekly round-up of the latest major stories on the local council sector.

  1. NALC is very anger about the proposals contained in the government’s consultation around extending referendum principles to local councils (via LGC Plus - behind paywall)

  2. NALC’s chair, Cllr Ken Browse, wrote a letter to LG First which is on page seven describing how the organisation largely supports the proposals within the Neighbourhood Planning Bill, but that more work needs to be done on real community influence through this type of local planning (via LG First)

  3. Over 90% of all neighbourhood planning is led by local councils and in these areas there is more housebuilding than in non-neighbourhood planning areas (via BBC)

  4. NALC welcomes the call in the paper by Alec Shelbrooke MP's A Future for Local Government Report for the retention of local councils largely as they exist at the moment. But in a report that proposes to be rethinking the whole of local government, surely it misses an opportunity here around the role of local councils (via The MJ - behind paywall)


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