NALC travels to Dorset

NALC travels to Dorset

NALC visited Dorset on 5 November 2016 continuing its fact finding tour of various regional and county areas in efforts to understand further the day-to-day experiences of local county associations of local councils, local (parish and town) councils and communities.

Speaking at the Dorset Association of Parish and Town Councils’ Annual General Meeting, 5 November 2016, NALC’s chief executive, said: “On behalf of NALC I would like to congratulate the Dorset Association of Local Councils and local councils on another successful in delivering services and providing leadership that ultimately benefits local communities.

“Highlights NALC are extremely proud of is the progress made by local councils and county association in the area to becoming more transparent and open. This has been helped by £15,000 worth of grants from the Transparency Fund.”

It is clear from the achievements of the Dorset Association of Parish and Town Councils in the past year why 98 per cent of all local councils in the county are in membership.

Also the Dorset county association won NALC’s Star Councils County Association Project of the Year for their innovative engagement and communications support for the NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for its clinical services review. The Dorset Association acts as a gateway for local councils and local councillors to feed in their views into the CCG to help improve health and care services in the county, which reflects the changing economy and society. The county association was particularly proactive in helping to obtain feedback from certain hard to reach groups such as councils and communities in more remote areas. 

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