Plotting a way to devolution

Plotting a way to devolution

NALC has published its own guide to help local councils through the complexities of devolution. It is called the Devo Plus toolkit and promotes onward devolution to local councils and communities.

The Government has made onward devolution a key plank of its local government and de-centralisation agenda.

Whilst we have seen some areas of England create combined authorities and we await the election of the first wave of metropolitan mayors in others, we are yet to see true onward devolution take root in this country.

There are 10,000 local councils across England (in both urban and rural areas) and they are all ready, willing and able to engage in the devolution debate in their areas.

But just as devolution in one area will mean something very different to devolution in a different area, devolution to some local councils will (on the ground) means something different to what devolution actually means to other local councils.

But whatever type of devolution we are talking about here it is an important way to connect communities to the levers of power which is ever more important with seeming disconnect at the moment with local people and centralised governance.

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