Media Watch | 56

Media Watch | 56

Media Watch is a weekly round-up of the latest major stories on the local council sector.


Rural areas are falling increasingly adrift from urban areas in terms of service provision due to ongoing cuts to local government funding, a report by Rural England (via Local Government Chronicle - £)


NALC’s chairman, Cllr Sue Baxter article is on p26 of LG First. It looks at Rural England’s State of Rural Services 2016 report, which paints a depressing picture of how public services are struggling to maintain provision, but there are opportunities here for local councils and community groups to fill the gap of providing services to local people (via Local Government Association)

NALC’s chairman, Cllr Sue Baxter, wrote an article on how local councils can alleviate the local discontent that is around in communities (via Local Government Chronicle - £)


NALC urged the House of Lords to look at supporting the creation of more urban local councils across the country (via Local Government Executive and Local Gov)

NALC is demanding that the Government sticks to its plans to strengthen neighbourhood plans despite opposition from some quarters in the developers’ industry (via Rural Services Network)

Cllr Kevin Wilson, chair of NALC’s Larger Local Councils committee wrote a letter extolling the virtues of urban areas creating new local councils as part of their democratic structures and celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the creation of Milton Keynes (via The Guardian)

NALC vice chairman, Cllr Ken Browse on BBC Daily Politics, talking about how parish councils are working with Devon County Council on a road warden scheme to repair potholes (via BBC Daily Politics - 25m44s – 29m26s - limited availability)

Hear NALC's chief executive Jonathan Owen on how localised business rates are incredibly unstable, that local government funding is fundamentally broken and how current changes is a very small step in devolution (via The City View - 35m)


Increase spending for local councils
Plotting a way to devolution

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