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Media Watch is a weekly round-up of the latest major stories on the local council sector.

Why local councils are taking a more proactive and positive approach to planning and development? (via Local Gov)

Campaign to create a Hampstead Parish Council, London, is gathering pace. This follow on from Justin Griggs, NALC’s head of policy and development, involvement with this local campaign (via Timeout)

NALC in conjunction with LGC has published a report into where next for localism especially looking at the role of local councils within it (via Local Government Chronicle)

NALC is one of the partner organisations within the Rural Coalition. The coalition group is calling for the Government not to sideline the interests of the countryside in a post Brexit Britain (via Inside Housing, The Times, 24 Housing, The Sun, Farming UK, Yorkshire Post, BBC Radio York (37m), The Guardain

Standards and councillors conduct. The Committee on Standards in Public Life is to look into standards in local government, including local councils, in a report due for publication next year (via Local Government Chronicle)

Win up to £40k matched funding
NALC go to Durham on best practice visit

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