Public Sector Audit Appointments publishes report on the results of auditors’ work


Public Sector Audit Appointments (PSAA) published its third report on the results of auditors’ work at local government bodies.

It summarises the results of auditors’ work at 497 principal bodies and 9,752 small bodies (including parish councils) for 2016/17. The report covers the timeliness and quality of financial reporting, auditors’ local value for money work, and the extent to which auditors used their statutory reporting powers. The timeliness and quality of financial reporting for 2016/17, as reported by auditors, remained broadly consistent with the previous year for both principal and small bodies.

NALC's chief executive Jonathan Owen said; “NALC warmly welcomes the publication of the PSAA report on the results of auditors’ work for local government bodies 2016/17. We are particularly pleased that for small bodies, auditors were able to issue their opinion on the annual return by 30 September 2017 at 97% of parish councils. It is disappointing that the number of qualified opinions increased slightly largely due to technical issues and the transition to new audit arrangements. We will continue to work hard with parish councils and the SAAA to ensure the highest standards of financial management moving forward and reiterate the ongoing value of training and sharing good practice."

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