Shale Gas World UK 2015

Shale Gas World UK 2015 provides the platform for local and national governments, local planning authorities, shale gas operators, UK onshore license holders, investors, environmental groups and service companies to share and discuss future UK shale gas strategies and solutions. It will contain local communities focused roundtables to give the chance to the industry players to meet and discuss opportunities and concerns directly with the local representatives. Jonathan Owen, Chief Executive of NALC will participate in one of the local community roundtables, moderate discussions and also take part in the keynote discussion giving a local community point of view.

Keynote speech: How will Shale Gas UK transform the local communities and can there be a compromise?

  • What are the main concerns of the local communities and is there room for a compromise?

  • Is the current communication between the oil companies and the local communities the most effective? How can this be improved?

  • How are shale activities going to affect property prices in the area? How will they affect individual lives?

  • What level of traffic increase can be expected in the local areas and how will this affect the homeowners?

  • To what extent is the landscape going to be affected ad changed?

  • Is the level of transparency satisfactory and effective?

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