The National Improvement Strategy (NIS) represents a national commitment to training and development in the local council sector shared by national, regional and local stakeholder organisations. The purpose of the Strategy is to offer training and development opportunities to councils in order for them to make the most of their role and carry out their duties more easily. The strategy has now been in place for several years, which has led to a significant movement of the sector. We are currently looking to take the strategy further and expand the work we are involved with.

There are many training providers for our sector and it is the job of the Strategy to harness this experience and streamline the training that is being provided. The most prominent players are the county associations, the Society of Local Council Clerks, Rural Community Councils and the University of Gloucestershire.

The current strategy outlines a five-year vision for the sector. This strategy firstly makes proposals for the next few years to meet the challenges ahead. Secondly, it informs the reader of the journey the NIS has taken since its beginning and celebrates its successes.

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