The My Community Rights website and free advice service run by Locality helps communities to use the Community Rights

£55.5m in grants and financial support have been made available by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) for the running of services, ownership and management of assets, and Neighbourhood Planning and Our Place support and grants.


Community Rights are a set of powers that give you a greater say in how your community develops. They can help you to save local shops, pubs, libraries, parks and football grounds.

You can decide what is built and how the area should develop. Groups of people have the chance to deliver local services and develop them into community enterprises.

The new Rights contained within the Localism Act came into effect in 2012 devolving power from government to communities, local authorities and individuals.

There are four Community Rights:


NALC has been heavily involved over the last few years in promoting parish involvement in My Community programmes – pushing agenda such as asset transfer, joined up service delivery and grassroots communications to parishes across England.  With 90% of Neighbourhood Plans being delivered by parish councils, we are delighted that many parishes are participating in the Locality/MHCLG Neighbourhood Planning programme. NALC also very strongly encourage local councils to apply for the Locality Community Economic Development programme as local economic development is a huge agenda for the parish sector. We also very strongly continue to encourage parishes to join local consortia to apply to register for the Bright Ideas fund to scope establishing local community businesses. And we also strongly encourage community bodies or groups interested in finding out more about how to set up a new parish council (including Neighbourhood Forums) to visit the Create a Council webpage.