As guardians of public money, there is an expectation that local councils are expected to be as transparent and open as possible. Transparency and openness are fundamental principles behind everything local councils do.

NALC has continuously promoted this and emphasised the need for all local councils to provide the democratic, local leadership that is accountable, open and transparent. NALC has encouraged all local councils to be fully transparent and open with their administrative and financial documents.

This is something that has been echoed by the government. They have made transparency and openness a key priority for local government and highlighted their ambition to increase democratic accountability to empower communities and make it easier for them to contribute to the local decision-making process.

With this in mind, the government has introduced two transparency codes to help drive their ambition. The codes apply to larger councils with an annual turnover of above £200,000 and smaller councils with an annual turnover not exceeding £25,000.

Please note, although the transparency codes only require smaller and larger councils to comply, NALC is strongly encouraging all local councils with turnovers of less than £200,000 per year to comply with the transparency code for smaller authorities as a minimum.