As well as operating a Larger Councils Committee, which voices the policy views and interests of larger councils with an electorate of 6,000 or more, or annual budgeted income of £250K.

NALC is developing a raft of other services for this size of council nationally. These services are:

  • A Super Councils' Network for largest councils with a precept of £1 million or more per year

  • The Direct Access Scheme (providing direct access to mainly legal services)

  • Delivery of a one-day bespoke event for larger councils at the end of every year

NALC is currently developing a Larger Councils E-Hub (launching June 2015) to share and debate specific policy matters of interest and relevance such as Business Rates and the Local Government Ombudsman.

Many larger councils set up youth councils for younger residents and find the resources on the British Youth Council website particularly useful.

Please email if your larger council qualifies but does not have login details for the e-hub and wishes to participate on it