As well as operating a Smaller Councils Committee, which voices the policy views and interests of smaller councils with an electorate of less than 6,000, NALC is developing a raft of other services for this size of council nationally. The focus of the Committee in 2016 are as follows:

Rural Issues

  • Establishing an area on NALC’s website for smaller councils including a raft of useful rural material aimed at the needs of smaller councils.

  • Participation in the Rural Coalition and delivering the recent concordat

  • Monitoring, reporting on and seeking to influence the Housing and Planning Bill and the Buses Bill

  • Pressing Government to make rural proofing effective

  • Building dementia friendly rural communities

Internal Management and Administration 

  • Ensuring that NALC and other advice e.g. JPAG took account of and addressed issues facing smaller councils

  • Pensions auto-enrolment

  • The sector led body and new transparency arrangements including practical implications of the £25k threshold

Capacity and development issues

  • Ensuring the sector’s new improvement strategy reflected the needs of smaller councils

  • Supporting and encouraging smaller councils involvement in devolution

  • Councillor recruitment and elections

  • Building the capacity of smaller councils to manage change.  The Committee has developed a survey which is aimed at looking at how prepared Smaller Councils are to take on additional services.

  • Encouraging partnerships and shared services including surveying current practice and looking at how the sector procures services (login required).

Over the coming months, we aim to populate this page with more and more material which may be of interest to smaller councils. One recent example is a piece of work we carried out on Shared Services

At the NALC Annual Conference which is due to be held in October 2016, Smaller Councils committee will be hosting a session covering discussion areas such as Transport, Affordable Housing, Shared Services. 

For further information please contact Claire FitzGerald.