Smaller Council Committee represents the interests of the smaller local councils respectively. The committee includes representatives elected by the National Assembly and also clerks and councillors elected by the sector. The committee seeks to share good practice, identify issues pertinent to those size councils that need to be addressed by NALC and prepare advice notes and guidance for smaller councils.

NALC's Smaller Councils Committee is the voice for smaller local (parish and town) councils across England. The committee represents local councils with an electorate of under 6,000.

The committee has an exciting spread of representation from the local council sector and there are three vacancies available for 2020.


If you are interested in standing for election to the Smaller Councils Committee for the 2020-21 tenure please take note of the below timescales for the election.

Nominations open – 11 October 2019
Nominations closed – 8 November 2019
Voting begins – 15 November 2019
Voting ends – 13 December 2019
Results published – 18 December 2019
Tenure starts – 1 January 2020
Tenure ends – 31 December 2021


The nomination phase for Smaller Councils Committee elections has now ended. The voting process for this committee will be online only and has now commenced.

Online votes can only be cast by small councils with an electorate under 6,000. Local councils must be members of NALC and their county association.

Online voting will close on 13 December 2019. Results will be published online on 17 December.

Find out more about the candidates below: