Established in 1947, the National Association of Local Councils is the only national body representing the interests of 10,000 local (parish and town) councils and 100,000 councillors. NALC works in partnership with county associations to support, promote and improve local councils.

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Local councils is a universal term for community, neighbourhood, parish and town councils, and are the first tier of local government. There are 10,000 local councils in England with over 30% of England parished.

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County associations are representative bodies for local councils in their area. Guiding local councils on a range of matters and providing comprehensive training sessions on all the above topics and many others.


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18 October 2019
The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has held a very ‘positive’ introductory meeting with Luke Hall MP, the new local government minister.
18 October 2019
The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) is again urging the government to re-introduce the non-domestic rating (public lavatories) billto end the “toilet tax” on public conveniences local (p...
17 October 2019
It is important that everyone can easily access information provided by local (town and parish) councils online, including those with disabilities. According to Scope, the disability equality charity ...