Lobby Day is an integral part of our advocacy programme aimed at promoting local councils in parliament.

It takes place the same day as our National Assembly and involves representatives of county associations and NALC meeting with Members of Parliament (MPs).

County associations and local (parish and town) councils play a vital role in helping NALC maintain and increase the sector's influence with government, civil servants and parliamentarians. Especially talking to MPs and telling them about the great things local councils are doing and getting them to support the changes we are calling for on your behalf!

Lobby Day provides a fantastic opportunity to do just that, building on the foundations laid in previous years to develop and strengthen relations with MPs.


Lobby Day 2020 will take place in parliament on 10 March 2020, and we want this year to be even bigger and better!


Here's how you can help us and get involved:

County associations – contact your MPs requesting a meeting with them on Lobby Day in parliament. We have produced an example letter, email template and suggested phone script, which is located below.

Local councils – contact your MP requesting an appointment at their surgery in the days and weeks before or after Lobby Day. We have produced an example letter, email template and suggested phone script, which is located below. If you would like to support your local county association on Lobby Day itself, get in touch with them to discuss further.


The first Lobby Day was held in June 2015 and saw NALC and county association's meet with many MPs including government ministers. Also, Parliamentary Outreach delivered a workshop on How Parliament Works and many county associations met with MPs in the constituency in the days and weeks following Lobby Day.

Since then, Lobby Day has grown with more engagement with parliamentarians every year. The previous Lobby Day we engaged with over 100 MPs, including ministers, shadow ministers and deputy speaker of the House of Commons. NALC also invited a series of guest speakers on health and well-being, improvement and development, and tips on how to successfully engage with parliament.


Email template for county associations

Phone script for county associations

Example letter from county association

Email template for local councils

Phone scripts for local councils


For more information on Lobby Day, contact NALC on 020 7637 1865