NVRD success!

The National Association of Local Councils would like to thank everyone for there hard work on 5 Februray 2015 for National Voter Registration Day (NVRD).

We saw lots of activity on social media, in the press and beyond, which resulted in a huge boost in visits to the voter registration website. In total there were over 166,000 applications to register on the day, which the Cabinet Office have confirmed is a record-breaker in a single day for the new online system!

We were delighted that Facebook agreed to place a link in people's timelines on the day – which played a significant part in directing people to the online site, as did the activity that all of you undertook through your online channels.

Despite all this work though – and the boost in registrations – there remains much more to do, with millions of people who still remain unregistered. It's vital that we maintain the momentum that NVRD has helped generate through to the registration deadline on 20 April 2015.

There is still time, so register now!

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