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The role of local (parish and town) councils across the country is central to our communities, and the fantastic work is not always celebrated or understood. That is why it is essential to capitalise on opportunities to share their work and ensure we are making time and space to thank local councillors, volunteers, staff, and the community.

This year is set to be a bumper year of celebrations, with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee taking place. Millions of people will participate in Thank You Day on 5 June 2022, the last day of the bank holiday. For more information, visit Thank You Day.

The last couple of years has been difficult for everyone. Parish and town councils have had to adapt how they work, how they deliver and how they support their communities. There has been incredible resilience in responding to the needs of the local communities as the pandemic took its toll, and there is a sense of urgency to move forward with returning to some normality and playing ‘catch up’ with support provision. Never has it been more critical than it is now to take a moment to pause and say thank you to everyone for their mammoth efforts.

The extraordinary work undertaken deserves recognition, and exploring different ways to thank local councillors, staff, volunteers, and community groups play a crucial role in how parish and town councils recognise the phenomenal work done and celebrate their own success stories. It’s time to celebrate and help to recognise the contributions made.

On 5 June 2022, the Together Coalition is building a National Thank You Day to celebrate all that has got us through the last year. Getting together to say Thank You to everyone in our community, from volunteers and donors to friends, families and next-door neighbours. It’s on the same day as the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, so we can go far and wide with engagement and recognition.

Here are some ways local councils can take part and maximise their reach:

  1. Holding Thank You events, street parties or Big Jubilee Lunches for their staff, volunteers and community members - connecting over food is so simple but so powerful!
  2. Elected officials visit community groups and volunteers, enjoying a lunch/activity together and presenting a Thank You card or gift - this can be shared through their channels, on social media, and we can help share good news stories.
  3. Using council spaces to help facilitate Thank You Day events, some ideas to explore:
    • Power Hour — an environment based event, cleaning the local park, cemetery, etc., as a community, followed by a picnic or lunch.
    • Compete & Eat — sports based event that the community—a football tournament, cricket match etc., followed by a picnic or lunch.

We know that many local councils will have Jubilee celebrations already in their minds. Adding Thank You to existing ideas and plans is a simple but effective way to enhance your work profile.

On 5 June 2022, join millions of people across the UK to not just say thank you to Her Majesty the Queen, for her incredible 70 years of service, but also to thank each other for the incredible contribution so many people have made to make a difference for others over the last year.

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