NALC and the LGA to empower individuals to become local councillors


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) and the Local Government Association (LGA) have launched a new online event on how you can be the voice of your community by standing for election as a local councillor.

Join NALC and the LGA on 14 November 2023 for an empowering event that will discuss the path to becoming a local councillor and positively impacting your local area and society.

The event will provide an invaluable opportunity to learn about the vital work and role of councillors from an expert panel. Councillors who have served at various local government levels will share their insights, experiences, and advice about the world of local leadership.

You will gain valuable knowledge and the chance to ask questions, engage in meaningful discussions, and connect with others who share your passion for community action. You'll discover the wide range of support available to help you take action and make a change in your community.

Learn more about NALC's Make A Change and the LGA's Become a Councillor campaigns. These resources will provide further guidance and assistance in becoming a local leader.

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