NALC prepares for committee elections as nomination deadline looms


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) is preparing for its committee elections as the nomination deadline closes on 25 October 2023. NALC is urging all interested candidates to put themselves forward for a role that could shape the future of local governance.

The committee elections play a pivotal role in the democratic structure of NALC, providing National Assembly members, councillors, and clerks with the opportunity to influence the policies and initiatives that impact local communities actively.

By standing for election as a directly elected member on either the Larger Councils Committee or the Smaller Councils Committee, candidates can become the driving force behind decisions that affect the very core of local administration. There are several compelling reasons why councillors and clerks should consider throwing their hats into the ring:

  • Enhance your role as a councillor: Serving on a committee can be a valuable addition, allowing you to contribute significantly to local governance.
  • Represent NALC members: By standing for a committee position, you can become the voice of NALC's members and help shape the organisation's direction.
  • Make a national and local impact: Committees are instrumental in driving change at national and local levels, promoting fairness, improving council performance, and ensuring the well-being of councillors and communities.
  • Direct influence on policies: Participation in these elections directly impacts the development of policies and initiatives that are pivotal in shaping local communities.

With the deadline swiftly approaching, NALC urges its members to explore the details of these elections and learn how to submit their nominations. NALC's dedicated committee election webpage provides comprehensive information about the committees, available seats, and election timelines.

It is a unique opportunity for those passionate about governance and aspiring to make a change in their local communities. Take action now and consider joining the ranks of those shaping the future of local (parish and town) councils nationwide.

Please visit the committee election webpage to learn more about the governance elections and how to get involved. Don't miss this chance to be a part of the change!

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