Round four of the Community Ownership Fund opens for applications


The fourth and final round of the government’s £150 million Community Ownership Fund opened for applications on 25 March 2024.

The fund aims to support communities in taking ownership of assets at risk of being lost, help community groups where the asset is already in community ownership but needs essential renovations to be sustainable for the long-term benefit of the community, strengthen community ownership across the UK, and strengthen the social infrastructure that helps communities thrive. Following successful lobbying by NALC last year, the fund was extended to allow applications from local (parish and town councils). 

In this fourth round of the fund, local councils can bid for up to £2 million in capital funding and £50,000 in revenue to help protect local assets such as sports facilities, arts and music venues, museums and galleries, parks, pubs, post offices, and shops.

In the previous rounds, eight local councils collectively secured £1.7 million, and 11 local councils successfully bid for £2.6 million. In the latest third window of the third round, 10 local councils (Ashley Parish Council, Burntwood Town Council, Calow Parish Council, Falmouth Town Council, Flitwick Town Council, Leominster Town Council, Lynton and Lynmouth Town Council, St Newport Parish Council, St Ives Town Council and Todmorden Town Council) made successful bids, receiving a total of £2.6 million.

The first window of the fourth round is open until 10 April 2024, and the second window will open in late May.

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