Prime minister calls general election for 4 July 2024


On 22 May 2024, the prime minister Rishi Sunak MP announced the general election will take place on 4 July 2024.

Parliament will be prorogued on 24 May 2024 and dissolved on 30 May 2024. The new parliament will be summoned to meet on 9 July 2024, and the State Opening of Parliament and the King's Speech will occur on 17 July.

The pre-election period for local authorities will start from the publication of a notice of election. The Local Government Association's pre-election guidance should be read in conjunction with advice from the relevant returning officer. Pre-election period restrictions apply to all local authorities, including local (parish and town) councils. The pre-election period describes the period immediately before elections or referendums when specific restrictions on communications activity are in place. NALC's  pre-election publicity guidance  (login required) in the briefings section of the member's area.

Leading up to the general election and beyond, NALC will collaborate with county associations to engage current and prospective Members of Parliament, political parties, and influential opinion leaders. We aim to advocate for local councils, emphasising their significant impact and future potential. This will include promoting our manifesto for building stronger communities across England, which offers a new or returning government an understanding of local councils' role in supporting our communities and how they can help us do more and increase our effectiveness.

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