NALC visits Yate Town Council for its study tour


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) embarked on a significant journey to Yate Town Council in Avon for its annual study tour. This visit held between 21 and 22 May 2024, was a testament to the pivotal role Yate plays in shaping local governance and youth provision.

This study tour provided a unique platform to highlight Yate Town Council's innovative youth engagement initiatives. Delegates from across the country visited Yate to learn about its successful youth programs, highlighting the council's dedication to fostering community and supporting its younger residents. 

The first day of the study tour was a dynamic experience, with attendees actively participating in a walking and minibus tour. They had the opportunity to visit key youth-focused facilities such as the Armadillo Youth Café, Kingsgate Park, Peg Hill Skate Park, and the renowned Yate Outdoor Sports Complex. The interactive nature of the tour, including the networking dinner and speeches from key figures, fostered a rich exchange of ideas and insights. 

On the second day, compelling presentations were given by partner organisations involved in youth provision in Yate, including Yate Town Council, South Gloucestershire District Council, the Armadillo, and Learning Partnership West. These presentations showcased collaborative efforts and innovative strategies in youth engagement. 

The study tour was sponsored by Clear Councils Insurance, Blachere Illumination and CCLA.

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