NALC attends the English Rural Housing Association launch event for a new guide on affordable rural housing


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) attended the launch of the English Rural Housing Association's groundbreaking Design Guide, which aims to transform the perception of affordable rural housing.

NALC chair Cllr Keith Stevens attended the pivotal event on 5 July 2024, which occurred during Rural Housing Week (1 to 5 July 2024) at the beautiful Ellenborough Park Hotel in the Cotswolds. The launch event also highlighted the broader rural housing crisis that rural house prices have skyrocketed by an astonishing 29% over the past five years (far outpacing growth in rural wages), only 8% of the rural housing stock is classified as affordable (compared to 19% in urban areas), and 28% of people in social housing face stigma from their neighbours and 15% from housing officials.

The guide endorsed by HRH The Princess Royal is structured into five comprehensive sections, each addressing an essential aspect of rural housing, such as the future of communities, the layout of houses, the landscape of villages, designing new homes in rural areas, and building sustainably and responsibly. The guide includes a practical toolkit for villages looking to inform the design of new homes in their community. This toolkit is a powerful resource that empowers local communities to take an active role in shaping the future of their built environment.

The launch event brought together a panel of esteemed experts and influential guests, including rural housing professionals, architects, community leaders, and rural advocates. Notable speakers, such as English Rural president Sir Peter Dixon, English Rural chief executive Martin Collett, and architectural illustrator and author Matthew Rice, delivered impactful speeches that underscored the pressing need for change and the guide's potential to significantly transform rural communities.

Commenting on the guide's launch, Cllr Keith Stevens stated, "The guide marks a significant step towards addressing the rural housing crisis. It redefines how we perceive affordable rural housing and empowers local communities to shape their futures. By providing practical tools and innovative solutions, we can ensure that rural areas thrive with sustainable, well-designed homes that meet the needs of their residents."

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