Throughout the sector, there are growing concerns about the impact bullying, harassment, and intimidation are having on local (parish and town) councils, councillors, clerks and council staff and the resulting effectiveness of local councils.

NALC, One Voice Wales, the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC) and county associations have responded to this by setting up a Civility and Respect Working Group to oversee the Civility and Respect Project.

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The rise in the public consciousness of climate change in 2019 was evidenced by the Collins word of the year, Climate Strike. Figures such as Greta Thunberg and India Logan-Riley have familiarised climate change amongst young people all over the world and drawn attention to the action needed to combat climate change both locally and nationally. NALC responded to this appeal by organising a climate change panel session and declaring a climate emergency at its Annual Conference in October 2019.

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Our dedicated coronavirus webpage has been created to provide local (parish and town) councils with information about the coronavirus. It should not be used as a substitute for government advice. However, some practicalities are specific to local councils, where we hope this information will help you plan and manage your risks.

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Local councils are the first tier of local government – there at the very heart of the community, giving neighbourhoods a voice and helping people feel more involved in the decisions that affect them. They take localism to the next level by giving people a democratic voice that goes beyond just voting in elections. And yet, only a third of the population is covered by one. NALC want to change this and see more of England join thousands of local councils already in existence.

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Are you passionate about your community? Do you want to help make a long-lasting change? Do you have innovative ideas for the council? Do you have concerns about a specific issue and want to do something about it? If this is you, then we need you. We need people from all backgrounds and experiences who reflect their community to put themselves forward for election. Make a change and become a councillor.

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Health and wellbeing is an important part of everyday life. It is integral to leading a happy and healthy lifestyle. As the first tier of local government and the closest port of call for residents’ local councils can play a huge role in ensuring that our communities are stronger, healthier and thriving places to live.

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NALC works with various organisations where there are shared mutual interests, objectives and values. It is felt that working with these organisations will bring a greater influence to bear on those in power.

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The LCAS has been designed to celebrate the successes of the very best local councils and to provide a framework to support all local councils to improve and develop to meet their full potential. The scheme offers councils the opportunity to show that they meet the standards set by the sector, assessed them by their peers, and put in place the conditions for continued improvement.

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NALC's national networks aim to use the growing use of digital communications by local (parish and town) councils and the more recent shift to remote meetings and events to:

  • Connect local councils and councillors from across the country around common interests and groups
  • Engage groups around NALC’s work and campaigns
  • Provide mutual support to each other
  • Share learning and good practice

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NALC works on several projects outside of our key strategic aims.

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NALC works to provide a strong national voice and positively influence the external environment on behalf of the local council sector, supported by our network of county associations and local councils. One of the main ways that we do this is through our policy, political and parliamentary work, which provides a framework for policy determination, developing information and evidence on parish issues, and working to influence government and other decision-makers.

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NALC has a rich history of running awards, so we were delighted to reintroduce an awards scheme in 2015 which was made possible thanks to our category sponsors. The awards were a huge success as we were inundated with nominations of excellent quality and our finalists and winners provided a fantastic example of the work of the sector.

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Young people are the future of our communities and, supporting their development and livelihood is paramount to the growth of local (parish and town) councils. 

NALC wants to encourage more young people to become councillors and make a change in their community. By providing access to spaces, services, and information, local councils can help improve the lives of millions of young people across England. By highlighting the multitude of ways local councils can support the development of young people, NALC hopes to increase awareness of the issues facing young people and bring about positive change for young people in local communities. 

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