Young people are the future of our communities and, supporting their development and livelihood is paramount to the growth of local (parish and town) councils. 

NALC wants to encourage more young people to become councillors and make a change in their community. Please have a look at our #MakeAChange campaign to find out more.

By providing access to spaces, services, and information, local councils can help improve the lives of millions of young people across England. By highlighting the multitude of ways local councils can support the development of young people, NALC hopes to increase awareness of the issues facing young people and bring about positive change for young people in local communities. 


The Young people case studies are for local (parish and town) councils and county associations to use as an example of work carried out in their communities. These are all examples of best practices and demonstrate actions to support young people locally.

The publication is divided into several topics: consulting young people, curating green spaces, funding youth groups, playgrounds and skate parks, running and supporting fitness and activity sessions, working with stakeholders, young councillors, youth councils, and youth clubs and youth services. Designed to incorporate all areas in which local councils can support young people.

Read the Young people case studies publication


Awards and accreditations:

Consulting young people:

Curating green spaces:

Funding youth groups:


Playgrounds and skate parks:

Running and supporting fitness and activity sessions:

Youth councils:

Youth clubs and youth services:

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