NALC at the Conservative Party Conference 2014

NALC at the Conservative Party Conference 2014

NALC attending the Conservative Party Conference with the aim to raise the profile of parish and town councils and promoting our new Manifesto.

Devolution was again a prominent topic at the conference, particularly on the fringe circuit, although the overwhelming key messages were targets and achievements in Government.

This was evident in the speech by the communities and local government secretary Eric Pickles, who said: “We want equality for England. Labour want jobs for the boys! In contrast to Labour’s top down control, my purpose in Government has been bringing power to the people.

“Devolution is not about new names for old quangos but real power to real communities."

“And that is what we have achieved: whether it’s by freezing council tax, and handing the public the final say on council tax rises; giving power and decisions to people, such as neighbourhood plans so local communities can shape the places where they live; enabling councils to share services, and management to cut costs; and reducing the size of government.”

Speaking at the Centre for Cities reception Eric Pickles also said: "I want to see devolution within a country, but I also want to see devolution to a country. You don't achieve localism by creating big structures sucking all the powers up; you've got to move power closer to people."


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