NALC partners with The Company of Community Organisers to mobilise community power


National Association of Local Councils (NALC) is pleased to announce that it will be working with The Company of Community Organisers, an organisation that supports communities through building relationships and networks locally, to help councillors engage with communities and residents.

Local councils are the first tier of local government and their 100,000 councillors are at the heart of the community. It is vital that these councillors are equipped with the right skills to deal with their communities demands and serve them as effectively as possible.

The Company of Community Organisers are on a mission to introduce the principles and practice of community organising to as many people as possible and are encouraging local councillors to get involved.

NALC agree that community organising skills can be an important tool to help mobilise communities.

With this in mind, NALC are partnering with the Company of Community Organisers to engage with local councillors and raise awareness about the importance of having these skills.

The Company of Community Organisers will be helping NALC to produce guidance around how councillors can use these skills to engage people in local democracy and action. Together we are planning a number of events, including a webinar and joint training, which will be delivered to councillors to train them in these skills.

Nick Gardham, chief executive of the Company of Community Organisers said “We are delighted to work with NALC to introduce the principles and practice of community organising. Local councils are the most local level of democracy and can act as a tremendous foundation for action and people powered change. We have seen in areas such as Glastonbury the tremendous impact bringing community organising together with local councillors can have and are delighted to be in partnership with NALC”

If you are interested community organising training or are interested in any of the planned events, please NALC at: 

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