Local (parish and town) councils across the whole country will be the centre of community effort, the natural focus of a range of public activity and service delivery, giving a democratic voice to those communities in other agencies' deliberations working in partnership with them. Vibrant, dynamic and effective local councils will help communities help themselves build strength and resilience and improve residents' quality of life.


  • Strong national and county voices promoting the sector and our prospectus for ultra-localism
  • Creating more local councils in England
  • Supporting councils and councillors
  • Effective national and county associations working together to deliver our vision


England’s 10,000 local councils are perfectly placed at the heart of rebuilding communities by addressing austerity and local public service delivery issues. As democratic, accountable and transparent grassroots bodies, local councils can bridge these gaps by engaging with residents directly in their communities. They live to rebuild the community and make decisions about and invest in local economic, environmental and social prosperity. Ultra-localism is the only way to rebuild community and local services in an age of division. The prospectus sets out how the government can work with NALC to support local councils and help communities to help themselves. NALC wants to see and help with:

  • Empower communities — empower communities with more effective powers to tackle local issues, have a greater say in decisions that affect them, and create more councils.
  • Build capacity and support councillors — build the capacity of local councils through training and development, an effective regime for serving councillors and encourage more people from different backgrounds and experiences to become councillors.
  • More devolution and engagement – more devolution to local councils, strengthen relationships and improve engagement between councils at all levels.
  • Flexible and diverse funding – a flexible and diverse funding framework by not extending council tax referendums, reforming the non-domestic rates and increasing income from other sources.

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