Newly elected national localism leaders

Newly elected national localism leaders

Re-elected chair and two vice-chairs will lead the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) in 2015 as it takes the lead in furthering the development of localism for every local (parish and town) councils and communities, after elections held on 9 December 2014.

NALC recognises that next year will be an important one with continuing excellent service delivery and representation for the membership especially as the challenges and opportunities of the general and local elections. As well as developments for devolution and localism become more apparent.

At the December annual meeting of NALC’s National Council, members elected Cllr Ken Browse (Devon) to be the chair, while Cllr Stuart Hulse (Cheshire) and Cllr Deyrck Nash (Gloucestershire) are to be vice-chairs.

Cllr Browse said: "It is an honour to be given this opportunity by the members of this Association to carry forward the work already undertaken by NALC. The National Council and local County Associations, hopefully we will be able to take the association on to new levels of partnership working with local councils, especially at a time when the government and opposition parties seems to be channelling its efforts towards local councils. This is a unique time for local councils with huge opportunities with localism, but there are huge challenges that go with this. The end game for the membership is that it will be even more of a force to be reckoned with in urban and rural areas.”

“We want the National Association to continue addressing issues that mater to County Associations of Local Councils and local councils in their day-to-day representation and service delivery work.

“Further to this we want all political parties to sign up to NALC’s Manifesto and support the implementation of this programme post May’s general elections.”

On being elected vice-chairmen, Cllrs Hulse and Cllr Nash said: "It is a great honour and privilege to be elected to the NALC leadership team, especially at this crucial time for local councils. We are looking forward to continuing the promotion of the tier of local government closest to local communities, and serving their needs."

Jonathan Owen, chief executive of NALC, said: "Cllr Browse, Cllr Hulse and Cllr Nash are filling these seats at a very important stage for NALC with the major enhanced role that local councils can now play in community well-being. With moves in the pipeline about the role of local councils with devolution talks and post general elections localism, and they will prove to be very effective advocates of local community empowerment.


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