Local government minister praises parish power


Rishi Sunak MP applauds local councils at recent National Association of Local Councils (NALC) Annual Conference.

In a speech at the conference on 31 October, the local government minister paid tribute to local (parish and town) councils and the “people who are dedicated to improving people’s lives every single day through their hard work and dedication”.

In his address to over 400 delegates gathered at the MK Dons Stadium in Milton Keynes, the minister talked about how “local government can be an incredible force for good. Not faceless bureaucracies, but mirrors of our places and our people. And the message I often hear is: the closer the locality, the greater the trust”.

He went on to praise the work of local councils: “The NALC Star Council Awards are a perfect reflection of just how much we achieve at a local level. Because, for all the talk of structures and processes, we’re only as good as the people who represent us. People who are dedicated to improving people’s lives every single day through their hard work and dedication. So, I’d like to say a big thank you to all of you in this room and our committed public servants up and down the country for everything that you do.”

The minister also called on local councils to help tackle loneliness and isolation, saying: “Sadly many people in our country are lonelier than ever. I know that parish councils will play a pivotal role in understanding loneliness and its pressures on society”.

Commenting on the role of NALC, he said: “That’s why NALC is so important. Helping to sew together that patchwork so it can become greater than the sum of its parts; raising the bar; inspiring people across the country – and shaping the future.”

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