NALC launches new toolkit on digital mapping


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has published the Digital Mapping Toolkit to help local (parish and town) councils understand digital mapping and the benefits it can have to them and their communities.

NALC believes maps are vital in helping local councils understand the geographical area they cover and where their assets are located. Digital mapping is making the process of creating and editing maps a lot easier and is also helping to build partnerships between local councils and their principal authorities by making it easier to harness local knowledge and share it with each other to deliver more efficient services.

Until recently, most local councils relied on principal authorities to provide mapping support. However, digital mapping software is getting much cheaper and easier to use, and NALC is encouraging all local councils to use them as ‘best practice’.

NALC has partnered with digital mapping software providers, Parish Online and Pear Technology to promote the benefits of digital mapping and guide local councils through the process of using the software.

The toolkit was produced as part of the partnership and gives a step-by-step guide on how to use digital mapping. It also highlights case studies of local councils that have used digital mapping to plot cemeteries, protect communities against flooding, map council assets, maintain trees, consult with communities and work with principal authorities.

Read the Digital Mapping Toolkit

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