Great British Spring Clean postponed


The Great British Spring Clean has decided to postpone its annual event due to the ongoing coronavirus situation.

The organisation says that after "much consideration and consultation" it felt it was necessary to postpone the event until September.

In a statement, it said: "It was not an easy decision, but our primary concern is to ensure that people stay safe, including our own staff. The situation is changing daily and, rather than just wait and see, we have decided to postpone the campaign and relaunch later in the year. The postponed campaign will now take place between 11 and 27 September 2020. The decision will allow the current situation to pass and ensure our key partners, such as local authorities and schools, are operational again after the summer."

More than 650,000 volunteers had promised to give their time, and the organisation is asking that clean-ups are not cancelled but rescheduled to the new campaign period.

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