NALC publishes new report on climate change


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has published its new report on what can local councils do on climate change.

The What can local councils do on climate change report aimed to paint an accurate picture of how climate change is being tackled by local (parish and town) councils and identify the challenges they face. In doing so, NALC can better understand how to support local councils in creating more sustainable communities.

The research found that 38% of participating councils had already declared a climate emergency and a further 8% were pending declaration. An identifiable trend of the report found that councils who had made such declarations were more likely to take positive action on climate change.

However, local councils overwhelming challenge is that they feel too small to affect change due to a lack of expertise, finance, and power to act. 69% of councils needed guidance to apply for grants and subsidies, and a further 58% reported a need for improved skills and training.

NALC is committed to guiding and supporting local councils in accessing funding, expertise and power to influence to tackle climate change within their communities.

NALC collected data from local councils across England over four months through an online survey of 211 respondents.

Read the full report

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