NALC responds to the government's review of community initiatives


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has responded to the government's rapid evidence review of community initiatives.

NALC stated that the review made a glaring omission by not citing and recognising the crucial role of local (parish and town) councils in their communities. NALC said that the review should have mentioned environmental capital — one of the keystones of sustainability — highlighting local councils' massive role in protecting it, such as park management.

The government's object for the review is:

  • To explore the definitions and concepts of community infrastructure and social capital to help the government determine how and when to use different terminology.
  • To understand the strength and breadth of the evidence base about what works to deliver thriving community (including community-led) initiatives to improve local community infrastructure and social capital.
  • To understand what could be considered a success in community-led infrastructure initiatives and how government can deliver value-for-money interventions in this space.
  • To understand the strength of evidence on these issues and identify gaps and how they could be filled.

Read NALC's full response

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