The Civility and Respect Project releases a new HR podcast


The Civility and Respect Project releases a new HR podcast to better explain local (parish and town) councils' responsibilities as employers regarding appraisals.

One key area that challenges relationships between councillors and clerks is the council’s responsibility as an employer for the clerk. Councils which support and value their staff are better able to deliver their objectives and adapt to changing needs or priorities. The Civility and Respect Project team has worked with Chris Moses, Managing Director of Personnel Advice and Solutions Ltd, to deliver a series of podcasts explaining councils' responsibilities as employers.  

In the fifth podcast of the series, Chris Moses covers some of the key considerations for councils about appraisals:  

  • The purpose of appraisals
  • Picking the right appraisal form for your council
  • How to prepare for the appraisal
  • Asking the right questions in the right place and at the right time
  • Action plans following appraisals
  • Confidentiality

This is an introduction to the subject. More information and training may be available from your county association, and sometimes it is necessary to seek additional advice from an HR service provider with specialist local council knowledge.

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