Tips on reducing on-site consumption and becoming greener


Author: Ruaire Glackin, head of net zero & energy management at Utility Aid 

With the cost of living and energy crisis affecting everyone, especially businesses and charities, one way to decrease costs is to reduce your energy consumption and look at ways to become greener with your usage. Not only can you save money, but by taking little steps, you help to look after our planet and can contribute towards the net zero goal.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to reduce your consumption and help you towards a greener future:


A large portion of energy consumption can come from light sources. You can instantly reduce your energy consumption by switching to LED or energy-saving lightbulbs. These light bulbs may initially be more expensive; however, they last much longer and will save you money in the long run.

Temperature control

Temperature control greatly contributes to your energy consumption - it can be as high as 60%! Ensure that you only have your temperature control on when you need it and set a suitable temperature. You can reduce your site's consumption by not having the heating on when windows open. By reducing your thermostat by just 1% could reduce your consumption by 8%. Another way to ensure your heating appliances are working most efficiently is to ensure that your appliances are all serviced regularly.


Tell everyone about the changes you have made. By doing this, you are showing the world how great you are at reducing your consumption and encouraging others to follow in your footsteps!

Tips on reducing on-site consumption and becoming greener:

Turning off appliances on standby mode

Making a simple switch to ensure that all appliances are turned off when not in use can save a lot of energy! Although these appliances will not be using as much power when in standby mode, these small amounts of energy being used soon add up, especially if there are many appliances.

This step is simple enough to do and doesn’t require any extra cost or work; simply turn an appliance off when finished using, and you’re good to start saving money.

Paper waste

Think twice before printing something off. If you don’t need it printed and it can be saved as a computer document or emailed, this is a great way to reduce your energy consumption. This will save you money on your energy bills by not having to use your printer and also your paper expense. This is a great way of taking a step in the direction of being greener.

Energy Saving Trust

As an organisation, there are many different schemes to help you take big steps towards reducing your energy consumption. There may be grants available to your organisation. One scheme is the Energy Saving Trust- an independent organisation helping to provide domestic and commercial practices for a more sustainable future.

How we can help…

At Utility Aid, we offer a Net Zero and Carbon Reporting Service, which can help to review your consumption and help to reduce this figure to assist you with getting to these goals even quicker. We also offer support reviewing energy bills and providing advice on energy contract renewals. If you would like to take advantage of any of these services, please email for more information.

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